Their original name is HADZABE OR TINDIGA but they are also known as "bushmen" because they live in the forest. As one believes, they live in Tanzania for about 10.000 years and in this moment they are about 3.000 bosquimanos approximately in the whole country. Before they lived in the high mountains of the Area of Conservation of Ngorongoro but now they are usually in the surroundings of the lake Eyasi.  

Their language resembles the languages of click of the bushmen in the south of the kalahari.
The Bosquimanos are monogamous and they usually live in small family nuclei. Most of them have never visited the doctor neither have gone to the school.

Their way of life is characterized to be nomadic. They live from the hunt and the gathering of fruits, roots and barks of trees. They hunt with arches and poisoned arrows that they build themselves and they are recognized by their great aim.


 They usually hunt small animals as mice, hares, Dik-Dik and baboon, and big animals as kudu or buffalos...
They build their houses with branches, like an igloo, and cover them with skins of animals, and during the rainy season they move to the caves in the mountains.
They are very kind with the tourists because they like to show their way of life, which they feel very proud.

 Then the Masai began to use shields to defend and they finished conquering the Datoga. The Datoga was forced to move toward the lake Eyasi. From then on the Datoga lives around the lake while the Masai stayed in the area of the Ngorongoro."
- They live off the cattle raising and of the cultivation mainly although they are also hunters.
- They take care of flocks of cows and goats, they use donkeys for the transport and they cultivate Jews and corn among other..
- The men take care of the livestock while the women stay at home to take care of the children, to cook, to build the houses, to look for the water...
- Their basic feeding consists on meat, pasta of corn, Jews, milk, and during the parties they make traditional alcohol of honey.
- The same as the Masai, is polygamous, so a man usually marries several women.






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