Mountain Kilimanjaro

The snows of Kilimanjaro soar like an apparition over East Africa’s shimmering plain, unbelievably white in the sun.   

The Serengeti Frontier Safaris have perfected the climb to these legendary snows with a 9-days trek on the Western Breach Route an amazingly beautiful trail on kili’s remote south west flank. This route give full acclimatization, short hiking days and greatest chance of summit success. The Western Breach is where the IMAX film was made on Kilimanjaro is more famous now but still has it beautiful scenery.


Serengeti Frontier Safaris run Mountain climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.
Machame Route and the Western Breach,Lemosho.


6-days Machame route, 4 days up,3 days down. This route is scenic, beautiful landscape. This route is preferred to those travelers who don’t have enough time and they have eager of attempting to climb kili.

Day 1
Fly to Kilimanjaro Airport and our mountain leader

Day 2
Hiking in Arusha National Park for acclimatization and briefing for the climb.

Day 3-
Start a climb at Machame gate. After registration you will start hiking through this beautiful scenery and arrive to the camp in the late afternoon, It will take about 4-6hrs to reach our camp.10,000ft.

Day 4
The hike today will be about 5hrs. Ascend the Machame route climbing above the old shira hut camp on upper heath zone. 12,600ft.

Day 5
The hike will take us up to 14,000ft just below Lava tower and then back own to the great Baranco valley.

Day 6
The route today climbs out of the baranco valley and ascend to over 14,000ft. Traverse under the glacier of the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro. We then descend into Karanga valley then beginning 1600ft ascent to Barafu hut.

SUMIT DAY. We start our ascent to the summit very early in the morning. This allows us to be near the summit as the morning sun is rising.After summited to UHURU PEAK you will begin a long descent.

Day 8
It will take about 4hrs to make to road head where you will sign off the mountain and transfer to the lodge for shower and relaxation.


This route takes 9 days to go up the mountain, a beautiful hiking through the forest and moorlands it crosses the Shira plateau to meet up with the Machame route, Offering a superb view of the southern ice fields. It is ascend slowly comfortably 9 days trek and descend by mweka gate. It is a tough trek within the limits of fit individuals and is considered a real physical test as it is extremely strenuous.

Day 1
Arrive in Arusha transfer to the hotel. Meet your guide.

Day 2
Briefing day, your guide will brief you about our trip and all mountain logistic; check your gear to make sure you have right gear for the mountain, hiking in Arusha national park.

Day 3
Three hours drive to the gate to sign in and drive to the trail head. You will meet the potters and Mountain cooks at the trail head. Introduction then the hike begins at the altitude of 7600ft. you may see the Black and White Colobus monkey on the hike through the forest.

Day 4
SHIRA CAMP(11,500’)
We begin the hike through thick forest, as we leave the montane forest, we move through a transition zone and then enter the heath zone. Old kili lava flows are visible here. Hike to the rim of the Shira plateau, an immense ancient crater and on to a camp on the plateau. Has a dramatic view of Kilimanjaro and it’s glaciers, hiking time is about 7-9hrs.

Day 5
MOIR CAMP (13,100’)
Today hike takes us higher on the Shira Plateau. Hike through heath and moorland zone. You will se plant like Senecios, Lobelias. The camp is with views over the Shira plateau. Hiking is about 6hrs.

Day 6
Hiking today is through moorlands to alpine desert zone. Enter the high desert and we see different type of vegetation. Option hiking can be arrange with you are guide in the evening.

Day 7
It is a short hike but very steep to Arrow glacier. It has aspectacular view of Shiras plateau. The hike is about 3hrs. Rest in the afternoon for the next day hike to the crater camp.
Day 8
Toughest day, ascend by the steep Western Breach route, switchbacks you will pass big boulder as you go up where you may need to use your hand to hands for balance while ascending. Leaving the camp very early around 5:00am arriving to the next camp mid afternoon.

Day 9

The true summit of Kilimanjaro 19,340 is just above you and you will hike for 2hrs for the final 800’. You will reach the summit take pictures and ready for a long walk down to mweka camp, be prepared for a long day hike to 9000’ft. Most people find it a far and the most painful day of the trip. Trekking poles are recommended for support.

Day 10
Today you will the camp early for your last hike to mweka gate where you will sign out of the mountain and you will meet your car to transfer you to Arusha..
Serengeti Frontier safari runs a combination trip of Wildlife safari and the Kilimanjaro climb.

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