This is a affordable safari especially for school children who want to see the Wildlife in Tanzania National park. If you choose this trip you will be doing car camping which means you will carry all camping equipment, food, your cook and your driver who is your guide in one car. Usually one car can have for people sharing the cost of the trip. Window seat is not guaranteed. A trip like this we stay in public campsite ground we don’t have to book in advance. Park up your gear and ready to go.


Family safari is an enjoyable way to travel with your family to feel and to share a wonderful experience of life time for the members of the family, also children will love a safari like this and will make them to grow love being naturalist and save the world creatures who are endangered. Our guides are well trained for such trip like this; bring you children to learn and to share the beauty of Tanzania. The itinerary can be designed as the family needs, Do you want your kids to MAKE BOW AND ARROWS, HUNTING AND COLLECTING ROOTS AND TUBERS WITH THE BUSHMEN? DANCING AND MAKING BEADS WORK WITH THE MAASAI PEOPLE? Travel with Serengeti Safaris for the best life experience ever.



SFS organize group expedition for those traveler who are individual and they would like to join a group for safari or for mountain climbing and become a wonderful experience at the end of the trip as we all become friends and leave Tanzania happy and with memorable trip of life time experience.

SFS organize trip for study or exchange programme for school in Tanzania and other countries around the world. Wildlife, anthropological & cultural.

SERENGETI FRONTIER SAFARI, brings the beauty and excitement of adventure to those who pursuit the philosophy maintain vision of achieving high quality guiding and instruction while having the most fun experience and to increase appreciation to these wonders of the world. Like The Serengeti Plain, Ngorongoro crater and all others around the world.





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